ClockOn has a feature to make a copy of the currently selected employee within the system to avoid the need for re-entering the employee information into the system multiple times.

This feature used mainly if you have one of the following conditions.

  • A previously terminated employee has returned to the business.
  • A new location has been added due to a change in ABN and the employee needs to be transferred to the new entity.

To duplicate an employee find the employee in the dropdown lists at the top of the screen and then use the Duplicate button as shown in the screenshot below.

Once done a new employee instance will be created and the majority of the employee's details will be copied through to it.
You will need to check the following settings for the employee before completing the process

  1. The employee's username and password will need to be set
  2. Any leave balances that need to exist on the new version of the employee will need to be manually transferred over.
  3. You will need to check the Departments tab to ensure that they are setup under the correct location.
  4. You will need to check the Roles/Qualifications and ensure that they are setup under the correct roles.