The support tool that we use Connectwise Control has limited compatibility with older versions of Windows and no longer officially supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. For a full listing of officially supported operating systems please see the following link;

This article includes information on the following;

  1. Connecting to a support session
  2. Troubleshooting

Connecting to a support session

  1. Navigate to, or use the screen below.

  2. Enter the code provided by the ClockOn support staff into the Join with a code section and click the picture of the arrow
  3. You will then be prompted with the following page with instructions for establishing the connection.
  4. This will then attempt to prompt you to run a file labelled ConnectwiseControl.ClientSetup.exe, run this program and the session should connect shortly thereafter.

  5. If prompted by Windows you will need to allow this program to run to connect the session.

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Cannot Display The Webpage 

When I open the site it shows that it cannot display the page.

This usually means that you are using a web browser that doesn't support the latest secure version of HTTPS, our recommendations in regards to this are to download another web browser such Google Chrome and try again (please note that as Mozilla Firefox has also ceased support for this).

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Older Windows Version

"I am using Windows XP or Vista and it not connecting, is there anything that I can try to get the connection?"

As detailed above Connectwise no longer supports these versions of Windows, In saying this we have had some success in connecting with these operating systems.

To do this you will need to install the following:

1. The Microsoft .Net framework, can be downloaded from the Microsoft site

2. An Internet browser that supports current secure HTTPS connections ie, Google Chrome, you will need to use this browser to open the connection

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Failed To Connect

"Nothing happened when I tried to connect to the session, are there any other things that I can try?"

Yes, Connectwise provides several alternative methods for establishing the session. If you are having issues connecting using the following method please try to connect using the alternative options on the lower portion of the Join session screen.

  1. First, try using the "Try next option (UrlLaunch)" link
  2. If this doesn't work try the WindowsSelector option.
  3. Then select Launch App
  4. From there install the app as per normal and the session should connect.

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