Changing a Single timesheet to Leave

Individual Time Sheet/Leave details can be viewed by use of either the Edit button or by double-clicking the selected entry.

  1. Select Time Sheets from the home tab or select the stopwatch icon from the main screen.

  2. Select the employee's timesheet you want to edit and Double click on the specific timesheet entry to be edited or select the timesheet entry and Click on Edit

  3. The Time Sheet Details screen opens. Depending on the operator's security access, any filed can be modified.

  4. To change the Shift dropdown from Timesheet to Leave.

  5. Once changed this will enable an additional dropdown for the leave category, simply select the type of leave that you wish to apply from the list.

  6. If the leave type requires notes then enter them into the General Notes field
  7. Once the changes have been made select Save.

Applying Leave Across Multiple Time Sheets

  1. Open the Time Sheets/Leave Editor screen or select the Time Sheet Icon from the main screen of ClockOn.
  2. Select the required timesheet entries using Shift + mouse, Ctrl+ mouse or Select All.
  3. Select Edit. This opens the Time Sheets Details screen.

  4. .When multiple records are selected, the navigation buttons at the top of the screen are enabled. These buttons allow records to be navigated. The total number of selected records is also displayed (i.e. Editing record 1 of 3).

  5. Modify the timesheet to the appropriate leave type and add the notes where needed as per steps 4-6 in the Changing a Single timesheet to Leave instructions.
  6. Then select Apply All to save the changes made on the first timesheet to all the others or stepped through one day at a time by using the Save button as this allows different shift details to be applied for each selected day, as required.
    NOTE: When multi-selecting, begin at the top of the list and select downwards.

NOTE: Changes made to individual fields can be applied to all selected records as required, leaving remaining fields unchanged. Example, a selection of records can be excluded from the payroll by deselecting the Include in Pay field and then selecting Apply All.