Season’s Greetings from ClockOn,

Please be aware that ClockOn will be operating at a lower than normal staff ratio between the following dates 24/12/2021 through to 03/01/2022 inclusive. We will be closed on Christmas and New year’s public holidays.

As such there may be a delay in responses from our support team. Please rest assured that we are looking at tickets logged over this period and will be in touch to assist as soon as possible.

For queries regarding the use of the product, we recommend first viewing the ClockOn knowledge base resource. This can be accessed either via any of the help buttons within ClockOn or via the following link If you require further assistance you can either lodge a ticket through the knowledge base portal or email us and we will endeavor to assist when available.

As an additional resource this year we also have a range of specific articles available to cover some common queries that arise over this period, these include;

  1. Adding public holidays for the new year. 
  2. Processing half-day public holidays.
  3. Processing payrolls in advance.
  4. Bonus payments.

Database Backups

Prior to this period, it is also a good idea to review and ensure that you have a backup procedure covering your ClockOn database to protect your employee information. For Self-Hosted customers, this can be done by following the instructions in the following help guide Backup of ClockOn Data

Please note that if you have elected for cloud hosting your backups are already managed by our team.

If you wish to check to see if your data is hosted by ClockOn, simply click the blue icon indicated in the top left of the screen, and then check the Service value.


If this value is "Hosted" or "OPS" then you can enjoy the security of knowing that if something happens to your local PC, your payroll data will not be affected and access can be quickly restored when a new system becomes available.

An additional benefit of hosting is that it allows you to access your ClockOn install from multiple PCs as required. If you are on hosting and would like advice on how to set up an additional icon on another machine, please contact our support team at

Self-hosted customers with an existing subscription have the option of having their data hosted for a small additional fee of $0.50 per employee per month, plus a one-off migration fee. 

If you are interested in this please email our team at to request a formal quote.

Happy Holidays,

The ClockOn Support Team.