When customers request an updated registration code, either to adjust their registered headcount or to enable new features in the system, if you need to make an adjustment to your subscription you can request a change through our support team at support@clockon.com.au

Once the change has been made to the registration code, it can be applied to the system in two ways

  1. The ClockOn system will periodically check and apply the code to your database automatically, or
  2. You can prompt the check using the Activate button as shown below (please be aware that only system Administrators have this option available to them)

To apply the code manually, follow the instructions below

  1. Click on the blue ClockOn logo located at the top left of the screen. 
  2. Then use the Activate button on the screen.


This will query our system and update your code. The information for the most recently retrieved code resides in the ClockOn License section.

IMPORTANT: The use of the Activate button will only affect the currently logged on instance. If you have other copies of ClockOn open on other PCs, you will need to close and re-open them for them to have the updated license code applied.