In order to allow for scan times to be retrieved from the fingerprint scanners by a remote server or a ClockOn Cloud Server, you will need to add a setting called Port Forwarding to your sites router/modem.

This will allow the Server to "Poll" the scanner for times every 5 minutes.

(Instructions for Port Forwarding on your specific brand of device can be located on the manufacturer's website. or simply google the model number and Port Forwarding.)

Please note that 4G connections are not supported due to ISP network restrictions. 

The ports required are:

Port 51211 (Inbound, TCP) For Suprema A2 and W2.

Port 11010 (Inbound, TCP) For Sagem/Morpho MA520D+ and MAJpass (Obsolete)

Below is the matching configuration in required for ClockOn, Note the Public IP must be static and match the sites ip external address. You can determine your external IP address by Googleing "What's my IP"