Question: How do I run the licence count report?


The following article will assist you in running a licence count report to allow you to compare your purchased vs used licences within the system.

  1. Navigate to Reports > All Reports
  2. From the View dropdown select General Reports.
  3. Double click on the Licence Count Report.

  4. The report options screen will show, Click the Preview button and this will display the report

  5. The report itself will show the employee's name, ClockOn employment Id, their default location any comments relating to their licence usage, and whether the employee instance is using a licence in the system.

There are several reasons as to why an employee may not be considered as a licence user in the system these are as follows

The employee has been marked for termination and is awaiting their final processing through payroll.
  1. The employee is marked for termination and is awaiting their final payroll process.
  2. The employee already has a duplicate employed instance in the system.
  3. The employee is setup in the Operator mode, and as such are not considered for timesheet reporting or payroll purposes.