As per the ATO's advice if you pay an employee more than $450 before tax in a calendar month the employee is entitled to receive super on top of their wages. 

As such ClockOn provides a thresholding feature (set to $450 by default) that is designed to report the employee's super earnings as $0 until the employee has earned the threshold amount, and once met the system will assign the employee their super pro-rated for the entire month.

For more information on your super requirements as an employer, please see the link below.

You may choose to remove the threshold and pay the employee super on the full payment amount. If you prefer to use this method follow the steps below.

  1. Select  the setup tab. then open the Rulesets.

  2. Select the ruleset for the employee that you wish to make the change for.
    The ruleset that the employee is set to can be found on the Employee Details, Pay tab.

  3. Select the Super option on the left menu bar and note the value for Super Threshold.

Please note that this change will only affect payrolls from this date onwards, payrolls processed prior to this point are set and any adjustments will need to be processed in future payruns.