On occasion you may have an issue where the ClockOn icon is no longer in sync with your server, common causes for this include the following
  • The Server's address details have changed on the network.
  • The ClockOn data has been moved to another system.

To correct this you will need to know the new network (specifically the IPv4 address) details for the ClockOn server. Once this has been identified, follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click on the existing ClockOn icon and select Open File Location.

  2. This will open the folder that contains the ClockOn client files, from there double click on the Config folder.

  3. Open the ClockOnConfiguration.exe program, this is used to manually configure the ClockOn icons.

  4. Enter the new IP address into both the Database Server and  IP address fields

  5. To complete the process, click the Icon and Save buttons. this will create a new or replace the icon with the same name as set in the Icon Name field.

After this process has been completed open the ClockOn icon as per normal to confirm that you are able to connect to the server.