There is a need in some awards to grant an additional week of annual leave in the event that the employee is considered as a shift worker 

The ATO defines a shift worker as the following;

For the purpose of the additional week of leave provided by the NES,a shiftworker means a seven day shift worker who is regularly rostered to work on Sundays and public holidays.

To accommodate this ClockOn has the capacity to record the number of Saturdays (if needed by the award), Sundays, Public Holidays performed within the employee's current year of employment, with an aim to grant them the additional leave amount once this is reached.

The Employee will only receive the additional week once within a year and the count is reset yearly as the employee reaches their employment anniversary.

The first step is to establish the Additional Annual Leave settings within the employee's ruleset. you can do this by following the steps below

  1. First, identify and open the ruleset that the employee is attached to. To find which one the employee is using open the Employee Details screen and view the Ruleset dropdown on the Pay tab

  2. Open the ruleset and then select the Additional annual leave option.

  3. Tick the option to Accrue Additional Annual Leave and then click the Add button, this will create a breakdown.
  4. You will need to check with your award and/or governing body as to what the appropriate threshold as to the number of worked shifts the employee would do to be to determine whether the employee should be classified as a shiftworker or not. Once you have this figure you can add it into the breakdown as shown below

You can view the current balance and running total of shifts within the current year by viewing the employee's leave balances

The current year and full count of eligible additional annual leave days that the employee has worked over the course of their employment is listed on the employee details leave tab as shown below.