Xero is a cloud-based accounting product that allows you to perform your business accounting needs. ClockOn’s integration with Xero allows you to send all of your journal data seamlessly and accurately with minimal effort. The process requires that you have a Xero account to connect with.

ClockOn will allow for an organisation to link with a location and its departments via an online connection that is setup with the user’s Xero account using a one-time setup process. This process requires the user to login via the Xero website and then Xero and ClockOn will share a token that will then be used to authenticate for future communications.


Once completed the user can then select and map their account codes with ClockOn’s departments using filtered selections to save time. Once this is completed the user will then run the Integration Wizard to select the data they wish to export to Xero in a secured and fast manner.   

The data received to select the account codes is one way from Xero and then when the manual journals are sent to Xero, again the data is one way. This process can be run at any stage and is usually performed after payroll and is done so by running our Integration Wizard as a manual process.



To setup the integration please select the following link to begin - Xero Integration - Connecting to Xero 

To view our frequently asked questions please visit our Xero Integration - FAQ