Please note that this guide assumes that you have completed the steps within the Xero Integration - Connecting to Xero atricle.

To be able to integrate with Xero and export manual journal entries you will need to map the account codes between ClockOn and Xero.


  1. First, select the Locations Manager.

  2. Select a location you wish to add the new department too, then click the Department button.

  3. Select a department followed by the Edit button.

  4. Click on the Accounts tab and then ensure that the Connection dropdown is set from Manual to your Xero connection, then click the Connect button.

  5. Once the accounts are loaded you can then select the appropriate account code for each item.

  6. Once you have updated your account information, click the Save button to complete the process.

After the departments have been linked and assuming that payrolls have been completed through the ClockOn system, you are now ready to upload your Payroll Journal information through to the Xero system. 

Please see the guide below for this process - Xero Integration - Exporting Journals to Xero