If you are adding this for your employees in preparation for EOFY we recommend that you also use the steps in the following link for the preparation and processing of EOFY and PAYG Summaries. - Processing EOFY through ClockOn

If you have employees that have received a Reportable fringe benefit (RFBA) amount within the financial year, you will need to add this manually into the system prior to running your finalization for EOFY.

This is done on the YTD screen within the employee card file, please follow the steps below.


  1. Open the Setup tab then click on Employee Details

  2. Select the employee in which you would like to modify.

  3. Select the Pay tab and click the YTD button

  4. Enter the amount into the RFBA (Reportable Fringe Benefits Amount) field and once entered click the Save button to confirm the changes.