If you experience issues with the scan-time not reading into the ClockOn timesheets then please try the following.

1 - Check the local connectivity at the site to the device.

Open the Terminal manager up at the site and click the Status button, 

This will check to see if the system that you are on can see the scanner on its local connection. 

If this fails there is likely a cabling issue between the scanner and the network. The issue may be that one of the network cables between the terminal's power unit (TPLINK-POE) is loose or unplugged and fixing it at this point will fix the issue. 

2- Check your Internet Setup (For Terminals Not Located At Your Head Office)

If the scanner can be seen locally at the site but the scan-times are still not coming through then you will need to check some internet related items.

  1. If you are you currently using a mobile network internet connection (3G/4G etc) then unfortunately the scanner will not poll back to the scanner and a workaround will need to be put in place, if you are in this situation please contact the ClockOn support team.

  2. If you have recently made or an IT provider has made changes to the modem ie a replacement, move to the NBN, or a change of internet provider then you may need to check the IP Address and Port Forwarding settings are set correctly.  

    You can verify the IPv4 address at the site by googling the text "whats my ipv4 address". 

    You will need to edit the terminal's information and enter it into the Public IP field if it is missing, as shown below.

    If this has changed then it will need to be updated in the system. If this is changing on a regular basis then we suggest that you speak with your Internet provider and ask them for a Static IP address for your connection to prevent this from re-occurring in the future.

    If this still has not fixed the issue then it is likely an issue with the modem's Port Forwarding Rule configuration, as to poll back the times. If this is the case we would need to get either a support technician from ClockOn to dial in or your IT administrator to set the following

    Port forwarding to the Local IP address of the scanner to the port of the scanner, this detail is located on the terminal manager as shown below.
    To set up the Port Forwarding at your site please refer to your Modem's operating manual or contact your IT provider.

If the above has not resolved your issue please contact the ClockOn support team at support@clockon.com.au.

Please note that the times themselves will be stored in the unit until polled, this means that once this connectivity issue has been resolved the times will poll into the system.