There may be times when the amount of superannuation being contributed by an employer or an employee needs to be adjusted, such as the Australian Taxation Office’s 2021 Super Guarantee Percentage increase

The ATO has a guide with further examples and information as to the timing for the super payment increase, please see the following ATO article for more information How much super to pay

There are several ways in which you can make changes to superannuation behavior, the main one being through the defined Rule Sets.

Please be aware the options within this guide will affect all subsequent payrolls from this change. If you are not already within the first payroll to be paid in the new year, you may want to delay this change until this time.

Adjusting super amounts using a Rule Set

  1. On the top menu select the 'Setup' tab and click the 'Rule Sets' option.

  2. Highlight the Rule Set you would like to alter and click the ‘Edit’ button, then click the ‘Super’ section to display all superannuation options.

  3. Adjust the 'SGC agreed percent' field' as well as the 'SGC minimum percent' as needed. Once updated click 'Save' to complete the process.

The "SGC Minimum Percent" refers to the ATO's mandated percentage.
The "SGC Agreed Percent" refers to the contract agreement with the employee.

Both are usually the same, however, in some instances, such as by contract agreement between the employer and employee the agreed percent may be higher.

Checking the pay period and payment date

Some items of importance to note when processing payroll with new superannuation settings is the pay period date range and the actual payment date. If for example the pay period falls within the previous financial year, and the payment date is set for the new financial year, the payroll will need to include the new super percentages/amounts.

If any payroll errors are made, you can either roll back a payroll or make superannuation adjustments to payroll via the Allowances & Deductions Manager.