As a business owner, you may have a need to loan employees between the sites within your company, this may be done to cover a shift or to get a specific specialised task completed. 

Within ClockOn the employee payments are allocated based on their set default location, rather than where they worked a shift. 

It is done this way as the employees are hired under the default ABN and this is where the ATO expects them to work, If they do work under a different ABN they would then be considered to have different employment and this may tax implications for the business and employee.

To cater to the potential billing issues that this entails, we provide an Inter-location Billing report that allows you to identify the employees and amounts that need to be costed between the sites. 

In the example below the Employee, Erna Barton did work for the Malvern 002 location.

As Erna is employed under the Malvern 001 location, the Malvern 002 may need to (depending on the agreement between the sites) compensate their default location for their payroll costs. 

The payment between sites will need to be done as an accounting adjustment outside of the payroll system.