Once installed on your Mobile device you will be able to open up the app and either login using the details provided by your ClockOn administrator or run it in a Trial mode to see how it works. 

Depending on what your organization grants access to, you will have the following functionality within the ClockOn GO mobile app.  

  1. Time/Attendance
  2. Viewing Rostered Shifts
  3. Send Messages and Requests to your Administrators
  4. Viewing Timesheets
  5. Viewing/Re-Sending Payslips
  6. Viewing Your Current Unavailability 
  7. Viewing your Profile
  8. Configure The App's Login Settings
  9. Logout Of the GO App
  10. Help and Support

Each of these options can be accessed through the menu icon at the top left of the app screen.


The Attendance form is the initial screen that the user will be presented with on opening the GO app (post-login).

This allows the user to 

  1. Clock times from the GO app 
  2. View and action recent messages 
  3. View upcoming shifts.

To start a shift, simply click the Start Shift button on this screen as shown below.

Once a shift has been started you can clock break times if needed, or stop the shift when it is time to finish for the day.

To view messages from this screen simply click on the message as listed.

Lastly, the screen shows you a listing of the employee's upcoming rostered shifts, these are shown in the lower portion of the screen.

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Viewing Rostered Shifts

The Roster screen allows you to view which days that you have been scheduled to work by your manager in the ClockOn program, and each day to work is indicated by a coloured dot.

To view the detail for a particular shift simply select that day and an additional detail box will be displayed.

There is room to display 3 shifts for a particular day within this screen.

If the email settings have been enabled through ClockOn, you will be able to send your current roster to yourself via the email button located at the top right of the screen.

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Send Messages and Requests to your Administrators

Using the Messages screen employees are able to send the following

  1. Employee Messages
  2. Leave Requests
  3. Unavailability Request
  4. Shift Requests

Please use the links above for detailed articles as to how to make these requests.

These messages will then need to be reviewed and actioned by the employee's manager and once done the employee will be notified of the result.

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Viewing Timesheets

The timesheets screen provides similar detail as the roster screen, in a different view mode.

This screen will display the current payment period for the employee, however, this can be changed using the Filter button in the upper right of the screen.

Like the rosters screen, you can also send a report of your timesheets for the selected period to your email address. 

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Viewing/Re-Sending Payslips

This screen allows you to view a portion of the detail for your payslip directly from your device.

From this screen, you can do the following

  1. View quick details relating to the employee's payment.
  2. View detailed payslip information for a specific payslip
  3. Request an email blast for either a single or multiple payslips.

By default the app screen will show you all periods within a 3 month period prior to the current date, however, you are able to adjust this by using the Filter option in the upper right of the screen.

To load additional information relating to a period simply press to select the period in question. 

To request an email with either one or several payslips, press and hold on a payslip and you will see tick boxes appear on the right of each of the payslips, simply select the payslips that you would like to send and click the email button at the top of the screen.

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Viewing Your Current Unavailability 

This screen allows you to view unavailability that has either been entered into the system or been approved by your administrator.

To make an unavailability request please see the Messages screen.

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Viewing your Profile

The Profile screen allows you to view/edit basic information relating to your profile. 

By selecting the Entitlements option at the bottom of the screen you can also view your current leave entitlement balances.

Please note that the 'entitlements' section shows the balances as of your last processed payroll and will not include balances accrued or taken within your current payment period. 

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Configure The App's Login Settings

This screen allows for the manual entry of the GO apps server credentials, whilst the login can be performed this way ClockOn recommends the use of the GO invitation system instead. 

For more information on this please see the following guide, and if you have not received your invitation email contact your ClockOn administrator.

Logging into ClockOn Go App

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Logout Of the GO App

This option allows for the user to clear their login credentials from the ClockOn GO app.

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Help and Support

This screen provides a quick link to the ClockOn Knowledge Base articles that relate to the GO app as well as the app version.


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