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  1. Confirming your ClockOn Version and Build
  2. Manually Updating ClockOn

Version 5.0.0, Build 350 - Release date 31/07/2023

  • Additional payrolls for previous financial years
    Fixed an issue that could prevent the payroll from generating when payrolls were run outside of the current financial year.

  • Termination tax correction
    Adjusted the termination marginal tax calculation to exclude STSL repayment amounts.

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Version 5.0.0, Build 349 - Release date 13/07/2023

  • Working Holiday Makers STP EOFY Correction (IMPORTANT)
    • Fixed an issue where the ATO reported gross wage was being reported at a higher rate than payroll processed for Working Holiday Makers.
      If you employ Working Holiday Makers, we strongly recommend re-running your EOFY STP Employee Update process after receiving this update to ensure that the ATO has the correct amounts.
  • STP Employee Summary Report
    • Fixed an issue where the ancillary and defence leave amounts were not showing when in the STP wizard.
    • Fixed to include the unused annual leave, leave loading and long service leave amounts.
    • Fixed to prevent employee report duplications where multiple locations are in the system with the same ABN.

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Version 5.0.0, Build 348 - Release date 03/07/2023

  • New Ruleset Penalty Option
    • Fixed an issue with the STP Employee report where it was not displaying gross leave payout amounts for employee terminations (such as annual leave, leave loading, and long service leave). Please note that the issue was only with the ClockOn report and that these amounts were included in the information sent through to STP.
  • New Ruleset Penalty Option
    • Added a feature to allow for the specific exclusions of penalty brackets from the "Earns a flat loading of x on overtime and penalty hours" ruleset option. This feature has been added to better accommodate the automation for casual employees on the Nurses Award [MA000034].
  • Fixed Child Support YTD Accrual
    • Fixed an issue when using flat rate amounts for child support (garnished and deduction) where the year-to-date amount was increasing by the flat rate regardless of what was processed through payroll.

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Version 5.0.0, Build 347 - Release date 15/06/2023

  • EOFY 2023/2024
    • The latest tax tables from the ATO for the 2023/24 financial year have been added to the system. 
  • Employee Terminations
    • The yearly increases to the ETP cap and redundancy thresholds have been added for the 2023/24 Financial year.
  • Exports
    • Updated the MYOB and XERO export to allow for reimbursement allowances.
    • Updated the MYOB and XERO export to balance for YTD super additional amounts.
  • Requests Report
    • Correction to the name field on the Requests report.

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Version 5.0.0, Build 345 - Release date 01/05/2023

  • Allowance options

    Change to default the "Include in Super Earnings Base" option to "Enabled" for all new allowances.

  • New timesheet leave categories types are now available

    1. Ancillary leave (Jury Duty, Defence Leave).

    2. Domestic Violence Leave (note that there are updates to the knowledge base article).

      Please Note: To allow you to assign these new types to employee timesheets, you will first need to add/update in the Leave Categories screen and the relevent process types set.

  • STP reporting

    1. Fixed an issue where the employees were duplicated if there were multiple locations using the same ABN.

    2. Added "ancillary leave" amounts to the reporting where available.

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