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Version 5.0.0, Build 353 - Release date 12/06/2024

  • EOFY
    We have added the 2024-25 tax tables, updated the ETP cap for the 2024-25 financial year, and updated the redundancy tax-free limits for the 2024-25 financial year.

  • ClockOn GO
    We have introduced various backend improvements to the ClockOn GO app to improve speed, stability, and to ensure compatibility with newer devices.

  • ClockOn GO Notifications
    Backend upgrades and improvements have been introduced for sending notifications from ClockOn to the ClockOn GO app.

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Version 5.0.0, Build 352 - Release date 20/03/2024

  • STP Employee Report
    Correction to the STP employee report to employees being processed through as a redundancy termination, as the amounts for the employee's annual leave and long service leave payout amounts were duplicated across the "Leave payout" and the "Lump sum A" fields.

  • Leave Loading
    Correction to the calculation for the leave loading ruling where the employee should be paid the higher of the leave loading or weekend penalties. The calculation will include the Sunday penalty portion for timesheets that cross midnight from Sunday to Monday.

  • Payroll Costings
    Correction at payroll where costed time was not included in payroll. This issue only occurred if; the timesheet crossed midnight, the working week was set with start and end times crossing over midnight, and the ruleset round condition "Round time to shift end when clocking off within X minutes of shift end" was used.

  • Employee Terminations
    Correction to the payroll preventing employee termination payment (ETP) amounts from appearing on the payroll screen.

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Version 5.0.0, Build 351 - Release date 07/02/2024

  • STP Contractor Submissions
    Adjusted the STP header record that the ATO uses to complete the BAS prefill to exclude amounts paid for contractors where they do not specifically have the Include in STP option selected on their employee details pay tab screens.

  • STP Wizard Correction
    Fixed an issue whereby if a location only has contractors and is the first in the list, the STP process will ignore the employees from the other locations.

  • Lump Sum E
    Updated the employee's YTD screen to assign amounts to the "Lump Sum E", this is to allow users to allocate paid amounts to previous financial years for STP reporting.

  • Termination Wizard
    The employee termination process now includes the amounts for the "payments in lieu of notice" in the super calculation.

  • ClockOn GO Invitations 
    Updated the ClockOn GO invitations to utilise an additional level of security from the invite email to the ClockOn GO application. This was to allow the links to work with newer browsers where before they were receiving a 404 error.

  • Location Manager
    Extended the ABN check functionality to prompt the user if they attempt to change the branch number value. This is to reduce the likeliness of accidental duplicate YTD submissions to the ATO.

  • Roster Broadcast Notification
    Adjustment to the message that is sent to employees when using the roster broadcast feature. The notification will now also include the shift's location and department detail.

  • ClockOn Registrations
    System update to allow any user to check for the most recent ClockOn registration code using the Activate button.

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