The steps below will help you to install the ClockOn desktop application onto a PC. The Desktop application is not required for employees to clock on and off. It is recommended to be ONLY installed on Business Owners and Managers computers. Before installing it on an employees computer please check the security roles for that employee so they are unable to see any sensitive information.

Important Information

Before attempting to install the program please ensure that you have: 

  • Administration Access to be able to install programs onto your PC - Talk to your IT provider if you need to check this
  • The IP Address for your ClockOn Server. This is the location that the ClockOn Database is located
  • The Database name - If you are unsure or using ClockOn's cloud hosting services please contact ClockOn Support otherwise the default database is to be used

ClockOn is a Windows Based application and can be installed on supported versions of Windows.

Installing the Desktop Application on a PC

  1. Download the latest Client installer
    Please note that if the above link doesn't work you may need to copy and paste the link into your webpages address bar

  2. Run the .exe as an administrator. (enter Username and Password if prompted by UAC)

  3. ClockOn will begin installing, Click Next To start install

  4. Read and accept part 1 of the License Agreement and Click Next

  5. Read and accept part 2 of the License Agreement and Click Next

  6. Select the Destination Folder to install the Client or Click Next to use default.

  7. Enter the ClockOn database IP Address and Database name for your ClockOn Server and then click Next to continue.

    IP Address
    This refers to the network address of the system that the ClockOn database resides, if you are unsure of this address please contact either ClockOn support or your IT provider for assistance.

    Database Name
    The database name is the database reference for your records and uniquely identifies it on a server, for self hosted ClockOn installations this is set by default as ClockOnData.
    If you have a custom setup with multiple databases or use our cloud hosted solution please contact ClockOn support for further assistance.

    Note that if your ClockOn server is located at another site you may need to setup port forwarding at the head office site.
    Once this has been done you will need to enter the Internet IP Address (WAN) for the head office site into this field.
    If you are unsure on this please contact either ClockOn Support or your IT Provider to assist you with this.
  8. Click Install

  9. Click Finish
  10. The installer will then place a ClockOn shortcut on the current Users desktop.
    (If using a terminal server you will need to copy the shortcut onto required users’ desktops)

  11. Double click on the Shortcut to start.

  12. After the installation if the client successfully connect to a valid server it will perform an update to match the build of the server.


 Once complete ClockOn is ready for use.