Questions: How do I set up Time in Lieu (TOIL)


NOTE: Before you start please be aware that any ruleset change to the rulesets this will take effect on all employees attached to that ruleset. 
  1. Open Rule Sets from the Setup Tab
  2. Select the desired Ruleset, you wish to apply TOIL to, from the list available. 
    TIP: You might want to duplicate a ruleset if not all employees will receive TOIL.

  3. The next step is to ensure that the ruleset has Overtime rules setup.
    For information relating to how to set up these rules please refer to the following articles
      - Rule Set Configuration - Overtime Configuration 01
      - Rule Set Configuration - Overtime Configuration 02
      - Rule Set Configuration - Overtime Rate Sheets

  4. Click the Time in lieu option in the left menu bar and tick the Accrue time in lieu option.
    This will tell the system to convert the previously set overtime rules to be processed as time in lieu accrual.

    Next set the the Accrue at dropdown to advise as to whether your employees are to accrue at a rate at 1-1 Hours and at the Overtime rates

    1-1 Hours Only
    This will ignore the percentages specified in your overtime rate sheets and accrue at a rate of 1 hour of accrual per 1 hour worked.

    Overtime Hours
    Conversely to the 1-1 hour rule this option will use the overtime rate sheets to pay the accrual for example if the employee has a rule to get 150% for a block of time, they will instead accrue 1.5 hours of time in lieu.