Questions: How do I set up Time in Lieu (TOIL)


  1. Open Rule Sets from the Setup Tab
  2. Select the desired Rule set, you wish to apply TOIL to, from the list available. 
    TIP: You might want to duplicate a rule set if not all employees will receive TOIL.

  3. If you have the required overtime conditions setup already configured you can go into the employees Rule set and Enable the Accrue time in lieu option displayed below.
    NOTE: This will take effect all employee on that rule set.
  4. Below the tick box you have the options for 1-1 Hours and Overtime Hours
    1. Select the 1-1 Hours Only from the Accrue At drop down to accrue one hour of Time in Lieu for each hour of overtime worked.
    2. Select the Overtime Hours to accrue time in lieu based on the appropriate overtime pay rate. 
Example, an employee who works two hours at time and half will accrue three hours (2 x 1.5) of time in lieu paid at the employee's base rate.