The following guide is for customers who have NOT purchased the ClockOn STP service. These instructions will guide you through how to use the STP Wizard for ManuaSTP submissions. Manual submission creates files for you to upload using your STP Gateway. Most ClockOn customers will be using our Single Touch Payroll (STP) – Submissions process 

Existing customers who want to use ClockOn's automatic STP submissions fill out the registration form here... For customers new to ClockOn please have a look at our STP Packages by clicking here...

ClockOn users have the option of generating ATO-compatible STP files that can be uploaded through STP clearing houses other than those provided through the ClockOn system.

This article contains the following items; (use the TOC button to regenerate this once the headings have been set)

  1. Configuring ClockOn for Manual Submissions
  2. Processing a Manual STP Submissions

Configuring ClockOn for Manual Submissions

To enable manual STP submissions open the Setup > System Setup screen, select the Other tab and change the Transfer Method to Manual.

This will configure the product to generate an ATO-compatible file for the STP submission but will prevent it from sending any information directly through to the ATO.

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Processing a Manual STP Submissions

The method of generating a manual submission is very similar to that of the standard process as defined in the Single Touch Payroll (STP) – Submissions article, the difference is that using this method no information will be sent to the ATO from ClcokOn directly, and the Message Center will not show the submission records. 

To commence the STP process, simply select Payroll from the main menu bar and click STP Wizard.

Within the STP process, there are three options for submissions

  • Payroll Submission – This option is used the majority of the time for sending data to the ATO once payroll has been finalized. Select the payroll to submit and all employees associated with that payroll, that have a valid payslip, will have their YTD values transmitted to the ATO.

  • Payroll Replacement – This option is only to be used only if there is an issue or error with the data contained in a previously sent payroll submission. It allows the users to select the payroll affected and resubmit the data once it has been corrected. The error will show in the Message Center

  • Employee Update – This option is used to transfer the latest employee YTD values as per what currently exists within ClockOn to the ATO. This option allows users to update the employee data outside of payroll in preparation for EOFY.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to focus on the Payroll Submission process, to do this process please see the instructions below;

  1. Select the submission type Payroll Submission, the processed payroll, and click Next to continue.

  2. Click the Submit button to declare that the information provided through payroll is true and correct

  3. You will then be prompted to confirm that you are currently using the manual transfer method and that you accept that no data will be sent through to the ATO for this submission, confirm this by clicking Yes.

  4. Once this has been confirmed and processed, the file will be generated on your system.

Please be aware that ClockOn follows the ATO's format for this file, and does not provide support for adjusted requirements specified from other submission systems.

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