Using the edit buttons, any type of leave may be added, deleted or modified. The checkboxes define leave categories as being Paid or Unpaid, whether administrative notes are required and an option enabling the employee to book leave. 

For Example, Training is entered and viewed in the time sheets as a special leave category. 

How to add a new Leave Category

  1. To Access Navigate to Setup > System Setup

  2. Click on the Categories tab

  3. To add a new Leave Category first select any field within the Leave Categories area (this indicates that you are adding a Leave Category, rather than a Payslip Category).

  4. Select Add

  5. Enter the Name and Description of the new Leave Category.

  6. Select the method to be used for processing the leave using the Processed Asdrop down box. 
    • Processed As: Refers to whether or not the leave or training type attracts entitlements. Select one of the options available to indicate the way in which you want this leave category processed.

      For example, if you were adding a parental leave category you would need to select 'paid parental leave' for the processed as. This way you are indicating whether the leave category affects any of the leave accruals against an employee when the leave category is used on a timesheet entry.

  7. Tick the relevant processing options:

    1. Paid: This is to indicate whether the leave category will be paid, or treated as unpaid leave.

    2. Employee Can Book: Allows the employees to request this leave type under the Web portal and ClockOn GO if it is enabled in the Security Roles.

    3. Notes required: When checked, the system will require an explanation on the timesheet when used.

    4. Include in Payroll Tax: Determines whether this category of leave is included in payroll tax calculations.

    5. Approve using location days: If enabled the system will use the days and hours where the business is open (as specified in the trading hours) for the approval of leave requests of this type.

      If disabled then the system will use the hours defined in the Employee's Working Week for the approval of requests.

  8. Select Save.

Please note: That while ClockOn updates for national public holidays, for specific state, territory, and local public holidays to be considered in the system they will need to be entered into the Public Holidays screen.