Rulesets underpin the power of the ClockOn system. With them, you can establish the payroll rules necessary to automate the majority of your employee payment conditions. 

It is a requirement for each employee when added to the system to be linked to a ruleset.
To identify or change which ruleset an employee is linked to open the employee's card profile and view this on the Pay tab.

Ruleset Options

As indicated the purpose of the rulesets is to set up the payroll automation for your staff for items such as  

  • Pay and Timesheet roundings 
  • Apply Overtime Conditions
  • Apply Penalties Conditions 
  • Calculate Leave Accruals
  • Calculate Super Payments 

To open the Ruleset screen select it from the main screen Setup Menu.

Adding / Editing Rulesets

The Rulesets currently in the system are not static and can be adjusted or changed as needed for your business.

You are also able to add your own versions of these using the Add button on this screen.

If you choose to do this be sure at a minimum to enter the correct Name and Description fields so you can identify the newly added rule later in the system.

In a similar method, to adding a Ruleset to edit a ruleset simply select to highlight the Rule Set in question and click the Edit button. 

Below are links to articles that cover the popular options available within each of these categories

  1. Rule Set Configuration - General Options
  2. Rule Set Configuration - Pay and Timesheet Rounding
  3. Rule Set Configuration - Overtime Configuration 01
  4. Rule Set Configuration - Overtime Configuration 02
  5. Rule Set Configuration - Overtime Rate Sheets
  6. Rule Set Configuration - Penalties & Loadings
  7. Rule Set Configuration - Leave (Accrual & Payment)
  8. Rule Set Configuration - Statutory Annual Leave
  9. Rule Set Configuration - Personal Leave
  10. How to Setup Time in Lieu
  11. Rule Set Configuration - RDO
  12. Rule Set Configuration - Long Service Leave
  13. Rule Set Configuration - Superannuation

For a complete list of all of our ruleset help articles that relate to the ruleset options please Click Here.

From there you are able to make the required changes, remember to click the Save button to confirm the changes.

NOTE: Changes made to a Rule Set will apply to all employees currently linked to that Rule Set, both for the term of the current pay period and for all future pay periods.