This screen displays the role(s) and qualification(s) assigned to an employee. Roles are visually grouped by the location(s) at which the employee has been deemed to work. The top half of the screen displays the roles available to employees. The role qualification status and the primary (default) role are also displayed. The bottom half of the screen displays employee qualifications with commencement date and expiry status.

Accessing the Roles / Qualifications

  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details or select the people icon from the top of the main screen.

  2. Select the employee from the Employee drop down menu
  3. Click on the Roles / Qualifications tab  

Assigning Roles to Employees

  1. To add, edit or delete a role for an employee, press Select or double-click directly anywhere in the role listing to open the Employee Roles screen.
  2. On the Employee Roles screen you have the option to Assigned one or more roles to the employee and also assign the Default role to specify the primary role for this employee.
  3. Click Save and Close
  4. Once the roles have been selected you will see the information regarding the roles on the top section of the screen

Employee Role Qualification Status

When an employee has the correct qualifications for a specific role, the qualified status field is immediately updated. The qualified status may be:

  • Yes: The employee has met all the qualification requirements for the specific role.
  • No: The employee has met none of the qualification requirements for the specific role.
  • Partial: The employee has met at least one of the qualification requirements for the role.
NOTE: Qualifications are assigned to roles via the Roles section in the location manager. See Qualifications - Adding/Editing for a Role

Adding Qualifications to Employees

Qualifications are added one at a time. Multiple qualifications may be assigned. All qualifications are stored in a master list and are accessed from the Setup tab in ClockOn. See the section Qualifications - Adding/Editing for more detail. 

To add a qualification to an employee:

  1. Click on Select or double-click directly anywhere in the qualification listing to open the Employee Qualification screen.
  2. Select Add to assign a new qualification to the employees
  3. To associate or link a qualification to an employee select the qualification from the Qualifications drop down.
    NOTE: If there is no qualification in the drop down list click on the ellipsis (3 dots) button to add a new qualification to the list. 
  4. Under the Qualification dates section enter the:
    1. Commences: Enter the correct qualification commencement date.
    2. Expires: The qualification expiry can be set to Never or to a specified date in the future. Many certificates, qualifications and licenses have a fixed expiry date. By entering this date, employees with expired qualifications will be immediately identified during roster construction.
      NOTE: In many instances the commencement date of a qualification will be in the past but qualifications due to commence at a future date can also be added. This will prevent unnecessary warnings regarding expired qualifications from appearing when viewing future rosters.
  5. Detailed Notes can also be entered for each qualification. There is no limit to the number of lines available in this field
  6. If required a scanned JPEG image of the qualification may be stored for each employee. The purpose of loading a scanned image is to provide supporting evidence for the existence and/or validity of each qualification. Available disk space should always be considered when importing images. (image size should always be minimised before uploading).
    1. Right click on the image area and select the load option.
    2. From here browse to a folder location where the qualification image is stored (in .jpg format) and select the image.
    3. Select Open to load the image. The scanned image of the qualification is displayed.
    4. The scanned image is now displayed in the qualification image area
  7. Click on Save