The process of employee termination is initiated by selecting the Terminate button on the Employee Details tab. The Termination Date and Notes are entered at this point. The employee is only 'partially' terminated at this point. The process is finalized when the termination wizard is completed (during the payroll that the Termination Date falls within) and final termination payments are made (if any).

Flagging an Employee for Termination

  1. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details or select the people icon from the top of the main screen.

  2. Select the employee from the Employee drop-down menu

  3. Click on the Termination / Notes tab

  4. Use the Terminate button to flag the selected employee for termination. This commences the termination process

    NOTE: Depending on the timing, the termination process may be stopped and reversed. An employee may be reinstated at any time prior to the completion of the termination wizard and the subsequent processing of their final payroll. However, after the final payroll has been processed the termination is irreversible (except via a payroll Roll Back). If there is a change of mind at this point, the employee may be duplicated from the employee form.

  5. Enter the Finish Date and Termination Notes (detailing the circumstances of termination).

  6. Select Save to set the status of the employee to Terminated.

  7. Once saved the Finish Date, Cessession Type, and Termination Notes values will have also been updated. 

As an additional note, the employee's license becomes available for another employee and the employee is still able to be Reinstated.

Please Note: The termination process is not complete, you will need to run the payroll that contains the selected termination date and complete the Termination Wizard.
(For more information See Processing Payroll 
Step 4 - Completing Terminations Using the Wizard)


Cessation Reason Codes

As a part of the termination process, you will need to specify the reason for the employee's finalization of employment.

For a list of definitions for these types please see below.

Employee Initiated 

  1. Voluntary - Includes resignation, retirement, domestic or pressing necessity, or abandonment of employment.
  2. Health - Includes illness, ill health, medically unfit, total permanent disability.
  3. Deceased - Death of the employee.

Employer Initiated

  1. Redundancy - Includes genuine redundancy or an approved early retirement scheme.
  2. Dismissal - Includes dismissal, incapacity to perform required work, misconduct, inefficency. 
  3. Contract - Includes the completion of an agreed contract, seasonal work completed, no more work required.
  4. Transfer -  Includes transferring employees across payroll systems, and administrative arrangements between employees