The Main Work Space


  • Each column in the roster represents a specific date and day of the week.
    • Beneath each day, small vertical blocks are displayed. These represent the 24 hours of the day in small segments:
    • When zoomed in, the 24 hours of each day are displayed in this area:

  • The left-hand column in this panel displays the assigned roles by location or alternatively an alphabetical list of all available employees depending on the mode of display (role or employee).
    • For example, when the Employee View button is turned off (Role View), roles are displayed in the left hand column:
    • Alternatively, when the Employee View button is enabled (Employee View), the view mode is Employee and the left-hand column displays an alphabetical list of all available employees.
      NOTE: The hours shown underneath the employee's name represents Rostered Hours / Ordinary Hours of work. The rostered hours will increase each time a shift is added to the roster for this employee. The Ordinary hours are set on the Employee Details Working Hours Tab


Shift Details

  • Depending on the Employee View (Role or Employee) each cell in the roster contains information regarding the shift, employee and department assigned to the shift.
  • The bottom right-hand corner of each shift cell is reserved as a warning display area. It is here that the system provides interactive feedback on the status of the displayed shift.
  • Hovering on the center of the shift with the mouse will show further information about the shift, including Role, worked shift length, Break times and more.
  • By switching the display mode to Timeline, each shift is displayed in units of time rather than occupying the full-day. It is recommended to zoom in before switching to Timeline with Zoom to ensure the full detail of the shift is visible:
  • Zooming in shows more detail and enables determination of the exact shift start and end times.

    Pressing the Maximum Zoom In button offers the largest possible zoom scale and enables easier alignment of shift and break start and end times or you can used the Timeline with Zoom button

Roster Application Button

The Application button allows you to access common functions quickly and easily.

  • Select the Application button from the top left hand side of the roster screen.
  • You can access functions such as: save the roster, cancel, roster cost, leave overview, preview and print the roster.
  • You can also access the most recently used templates.
  • Select the Application Button, then choose the template you want to load.