Using the Mouse to Edit Shift Times 

  1. Zoom in to ensure the shift is fully visible.
    TIP: Select the shift and then click on Timeline with Zoom to quickly zoom in on the shift.
  2. Hover over the start or end of the shift until you see a double headed arrow. 
  3. Click and drag the mouse pointer on the shift left or right to the desired start or end time.
  4. As you drag the shift, the displayed start and end times change dynamically.(In 15 min increments)

TIP: To obtain the length of the shift (excluding unpaid breaks), move the mouse pointer over the shift and a hint will appear containing the length

NOTE: Whole shifts can be dragged to a different times in an identical manner. this will keep the same shift length
  1. Click and hold the mouse pointer on the selected shift then drag it left or right to the desired time.

Possible Warning

  • If you try to resize a shift that has a break and reduce it to a size that is smaller than the Auto add break minimum shift length for the department (as set up in Location manager > departments), you will get a warning as follows.
  • In order to resize it to a length that is smaller than this setting you will need to remove the break(s) from the shift first. (Right click on the shift and select Breaks > Remove Selected)