Changed made to the Time Sheet Details window from the rosters screen will translate over to the Time Sheets screen.

To Edit Time Sheet Details 

  1. Double click on the shift that you want to edit.
  2. The Time Sheet Details window will open and allow you to edit the time sheet details, including:     
    • The Shift Start and End times: These are known as Rostered time and Shift times
    • Shift Name: This is the name of the shift as see in the Time Sheet screen and also on Printed rosters
    • The Actual Start and End times: These are the times that have been entered from a biometric finger scanner, ClockOn GO, the Web Portal or manually entered 
    • Time alerts: This can be set globally (See: The Other tab in the Location Manager) or on a per shift basis. 
    • The breaks: Clicking on the apple icon will allow you to edit the breaks
    • Special rates: Clicking on the Rates icon will allow you to edit the special rates
    • Department Costing: This allows you to set up % cost splits between departments that the employee is allowed to work at.
    • Add General and incident Notes: You can add notes to time sheet. (General notes are visible to employees via the ClockOn GO app) 

Changing a Shift Name

  1. Set the Shift Start and End times. By default the start and end times will be added to the Shift Name field
  2. Change the Shift Name file to what you would like to see on the Printer rosters and time sheets.
  3. Click on Save

If a custom shift name has already been created you can change the shift to have the Shift Name by clicking on drop down box beside the shift field. This brings up a list of shifts previously used (about 20)

NOTE: When using the Shift drop down please take note of the Start and End times to ensure they are correct. Clicking on the trash can icon will delete the shift from this list