Leave entries can be created by converting existing shifts or by adding new entries.

NOTE: See: Leave Categories - Adding/Editing to edit the list of the leave types that can be selected.

Changing One or More Selected Shifts to Leave

  1. Right click on any of the selected shifts
  2. Select Shift Change to
  3. Then the type of leave you require:
  4. In this example we have selected Annual Leave (Statutory)
  5. The leave icon appears immediately in the bottom right hand corner of each shift as will as a short code for the leave type (SAL = Statutory Annual Leave).
    NOTE: Blue calendar = leave available | Red Calendar = insufficient leave available (See below)
  6. You can also select Personal leave (Paid) as a type of leave and the following might be shown for an employee. (SCK = Personal Leave)
    NOTE: By default if a shift is changed to Personal Leave then a General Note is require to be added.
  7. To confirm the correct leave type has been booked, move the mouse pointer over any of the cells. A hint appears, confirming the details of the leave, including the start and end time and the total length:

Converting Leave Back into Time Sheets 

  1. Right click on the selection
  2. Select Shift Change To, then Shift.
    The leave icon disappears immediately from the bottom right hand corner of each shift.

Insufficient Leave Entitlements

Where insufficient entitlements are available, leave icons are displayed in red: