If a shift is not changed to be a public holiday leave entry then the shift will be paid with the required penalty amount, as set in the Rule Set (See: Rule Set Configuration - Penalties & Loadings)

NOTE: By default public holidays will be marked as a darker yellow

Public Holiday Shifts

To change existing shifts into paid public holiday leave (100% pay rate) you need to:

  1. Select the shift that need to be changed
    TIP: If all the shifts need to paid public holiday leave, click on the date header at the top of the column to select all shifts for that day
  2. Right click on one of the shifts.
  3. Select Shift Change To and Public Holiday
  4. All of the selected shift will be converted to Public holiday Leave. The leave icon appears immediately in the bottom right hand corner of each shift as will as a short code PUB for the Public Holiday leave type.
  5. To confirm the details of the leave reservation, move the mouse pointer over any selected shift and wait for the hint. The leave details are displayed along with the shift start and end time and total length.

How to Quickly Remove all Casual Shifts

If you have a number of casual employees and their shifts have been loaded, via a template, onto a roster period that has a public holiday you can use the employee filter to view just those shifts and make your adjustment to them. 

Example remove all of the casual shifts because your business is closed that day.

  1. Navigate to the View tab and click on the Employment drop down menu 
  2. Leave only the Casual filter ticked
  3. This leave only the causal shifts in the roster work space

  4. Click on the Date header to select all the shifts on the public holiday 

  5. Press Delete to remove all of the casual shifts

  6. re enable all of the ticks for the Employment filter to show all of the shifts again

  7. Click on Save