If you have configured predefined rates (see: Rates Manager - Special Rates for Rosters & Time sheetsthen these are also available from the rosters screen for each shift.

  1. Select a shift and right click
  2. Select Rates, and then Pre-defined Rates. You can elect to apply Pre-defined rates for part of the shift or for the entire shift. 
  3. Once you assign a pre-defined rate to a shift you can edit the time range for the rate to apply.  

    1. Double click on the shift

    2. Click on the Rates icon

    3. Edit the times
      NOTE: the Type, Rate and Special Rate fields will already be added

  4. Click on Save

  5. When a Special rate is applied to a shift 2 things happen

    1. The special rates icon will be shown as gold coins
    2. There will also be a band of colour showing the role of the special rate. This can be different to the the original shifts role

Additional Information 

  • If you assign a predefined rate to a shift that has not yet had an employee assigned to the shift, the special rates icon will be shown as gold coins.  
  • If you select an employee and assign them to the shift and the special rate is not in their rate set then the special rates icon will show as gold coins with a blue arrow
    NOTE: The solid colouring also indicates a special rate has been applied.