There are two views available for constructing rosters in ClockOn. These are Role View or Employee View. Typically the view selected by the roster officer is dependent on the size of the roster and the diversity of roles required.

(NOTE: For the purposes of this guide, the primary focus is on role mode)

  • Ensure the Employee View icon is deselected (For more information: User Interface - Main Work Space)
    NOTE: Newly created rosters can be saved as roster templates. The routine use of templates is highly recommended for maximum efficiency and time saving.
  • Role view allows roster building without having to consider employee availability, skills or qualifications. Instead, the focus is on what and how many roles should be allocated to a given day or period.

Adding a Role to Each Day Within a Period

  1. Click and rag the role to below the bottom line of the roster. This can be dropped anywhere, in the out of period area (diagonal lines), onto the role label column or into the column header area:
  2. The system adds the role to each day in the period. The word UNASSIGNED appears in each shift cell, alerting that no employee has yet been assigned to that shift. 
    NOTE: The trading hours for the department will be used as the initial shift size.

Build up the roster with the required roles, sizing, positioning and aligning the shifts while doing so. (For more information on this see: Roster - Shift Operations)