Accessing the Roster Budgets

  1. Ensure the budget panel is visible.(See:User Interface - Information Panels)
  2. Press the Roster Cost button from the Calculate tab to calculate the cost of the roster and update the display to show both individual shift costs as well as total costs.

Viewing Totals

  • The budget panel displays the overall cost of the roster broken down by: 
    1. Location
    2. Period
    3. Department
    4. Day

  • The first fields visible in the budget panel are the total hours rostered and the cost of the roster.
  • The budget panel is integrated directly with the shift construction screen. By moving or altering shifts, cost changes are immediately reflected in the budget panel.
    • To view daily costs within each department, select the triangle symbol next to each.
    • Each day for the period is displayed including the daily cost breakdowns (where applicable).
  • When clicking on shifts in cost mode, the budget panel will automatically display information associated with that shift.
    In the example below, a shift on Tuesday has been selected. As a result, the cost row in the budget panel for Tuesday (in the pharmacist department) is selected and highlighted

Viewing the Cost of a Payslip

The pay slip cost for each employee can be viewed on the budget panel

  1. To do this, expand the pay slips node and click on the desired shift to select the matching pay slip.

The budget panel is fully integrated with the roster construction screen. Making changes to a shift immediately updates the pay slip totals displayed.