Labour costs can be controlled by changing the position of shifts or by varying their length.  Because the ClockOn payroll engine is integrated with the rostering module, shift changes made while in cost mode are immediately reflected as updated costs both on-screen and in the budget panel. 

TIP: Click on the shift in question and then from the View tab click on Timeline with zoom to expand the view of the shifts


  • The following shift attracts 0.25 hours of overtime at 200% 
  • By reducing the length of this shift, the overtime cost can be reduced or eliminated completely. Doing so in cost mode immediately shows the resultant cost saving/

Shift costs can be accurately refined and controlled using this function.

If you are using department cost splits, you can change the percentage allocation of costs per shift and thus affect the overall cost per department.  See the section on Configuring Pre-determined Cost Splitst for more details.