When you are ready to run your payroll, you will need to enter the Payroll Wizard to process your payroll. To do this:

  1. Select the Payroll tab from the main ClockOn screen.  
  2. Then select Payroll icon, or use the small Payroll Icon from the top of the ClockOn screen.
  3. This will then open up Step 1 of the payroll wizard to step you through the payroll processing.

Payroll Wizard Steps. 

Below is a list of the steps you will need to do to perform a payroll. Depending on whether all the Pre-Payroll Checklist checks have been done and if other conditions have been meet in system  you may not some if the steps in the Payroll Wizard.

The Steps are as follows (For more information on each Step click on it to navigate to that section.):

Additional Payroll tasks