1. Select the Payroll tab from the main ClockOn screen.  
  2. Then select Payroll icon, or use the small Payroll Icon from the top of the ClockOn screen to launch payroll generation.
  3. Select a pay period from the left to display the employees included in that pay-run on the right. Pay Periods define the pay periods under consideration. The first day of the current payroll is defined as the day following the last day of the previous payroll.
  4. Once the Pay Period is selected click on Next. This will start the payroll process for all of the employees shown on the right of the screen.
  5. Once you click next you will be taken to the Payment Date Editor. You will need to select the date that you intend to transfer payment to the selected employees. (For more information see: Entering a Payment Date) and then click Save.
    Note: The payment date will default to today's date.

Editing the Pay Period for Selected Employees

To change the pay period for all employees shown on the Payroll screen:

  1. Ensure the Include All Employees check box is enabled in the Pay Period area and then press the Edit Period button.
  2. The Edit Pay Period screen is displayed:
    1. The Start Date can be modified using the drop down calendar. 
    2. The Period will be set in accordance to the rule set the employees are set to. This can be editied 
    3. The End Date will change in response to the Period of the current pay period. The length of the modified pay period can then be adjusted using the End Date drop down.
    4. Enable the No Entitlements Payroll check box to carry out a payroll whereby no leave entitlements are accrued for the employees included in that payroll.
      Example: an employee requires a back pay adjustment. This is run to a previous pay period where that employee has already had their normal payroll processed and has had the normal leave accruals generated. By selecting No Entitlements Payroll, the back pay processing will not generate the accruals twice. 
  3. Ensure the correct date is displayed and select Save.
  4. When returned to the payroll screen the pay period will now show with *** to the immediate right of the pay period to indicate the pay period has been manually changed.
    NOTE: Payrolls may be merged or split, affecting the Employee List displayed for all selected periods. To merge employees into a single payroll, apply identical Start Dates and Pay Periods. Conversely, edit the pay period for a sub selection of employees to split them out into a separate pay period.

Selecting Specific Locations for Payroll

To process payroll for a specific location or locations, 

  1. Click on the pay period
  2. Deselect the Include All Employee option.  
  3. Click on the location heading to sort the employees by their location(s).
  4. Select the first employee of the location required and then scroll down and then shift click the last employee in the location. 
  5. The Next button can then be used to continue with payroll processing:

Selecting Specific Employees for Payroll 

To pay an employee in advance pay or back pay, 

  1. Uncheck the Include All Employees in Pay Period option and select the individual employee to be paid
  2. The Edit Period button enables editing of the period for which the payroll (advance pay or back pay) is to apply.
  3. Select Next to generate the payroll applying to that individual(s).

NOTE: Edit an individual pay period to pay for leave in advance. Pay slips and electronic funds transfer apply to pay in advance in the same manner as normal payroll.

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