The Rate Update screen appears for employees who are eligible for an increase in their pay rate either because of age, predetermined award increases or elapsed industry hours. The increases are set using the Rate Schedules. (For more information read: Rates ManagerThe Rate Updates screen displays the employee's base pay rate as well as the new rate.

If there are no Pay Rates to update, this screen will not appear and Step 4 - Completing Terminations Using the Wizard will display. To skip this step Click Here...

Upgrade an employee's pay rate 

  1. Select the employee 
  2. press the Update button.
  3. Press Next to continue in the payroll wizard.
    NOTE: If the Administrator does not wish to automatically upgrade a rate, select the Next button to defer the rate update until the next payroll.

NOTE: Updated rates are applied during payroll processing but are not permanently saved (on the employee record) until the payroll is fully processed. The Rate Updates process is repeated after cancelling and re-running the payroll wizard.

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