Question: How do I print a roster report?


The following article will assist you in running a timesheet report to 

  1. Navigate to Reports > Roster Reports
  2. Under the X-Y Grid reports a good starting place if to run the Roster (X-Y, Employeereport. 
    TIP: if you can't see all the reports then you can click on the little triangle next to the X-Y Grid heading to expand the selection
  3. Double click on the Report to open up the Roster Filter settings
  4. You can use the Select Location Range or Select Department Range if you want to limit the report to a specific department. 
  5. To select the Dates of the report you want to run then Click On the Period drop-down. It will default to current roster however to select the dates you want to look at select Custom Date Range
  6. Select the date range you want
  7. You can use the Select Surname Range to limit the report to specific people.
    NOTE: Play with the additional options below the Select Surname Range to help; scale the roster on the page; make changes to the Boarder and select additional information shown in the roster report like total hours
  8. Once all of your filter settings are selected click on Preview to view the report, or Print to print the report to your selected printer.
  9. This will open up the Report and in the top left hand corner you can print out the report.

To email your employees a copy of their roster read: Report Manager - Emailing Reports (Email Blast)