A feature included for the Roster and Payslip reports is the ability to send an Email Blast to a group of employees selected in the report settings.

For this feature to function, the following requirements need to be met:

  • The specified employees need to have Email Addresses and Email Passwords set up on their Personal tab from the Employee details screen
  • The Email setup is configured under System Setup - 'Other' Tab. (For more information read: Configuring Email Settings for Payslips and Rosters)

Emailing reports

  1. Once these above steps have been completed open one of the email enabled reports (either Rosters or payslips)
  2. Select the appropriate Report Options to display the employees to whom you wish the reports to be sent.
  3. When satisfied with the details of the list, select the Email Button.
  4.   A list of employees will show with the email addresses that the payslips will be sent to
  5. Click on Send.
    NOTE: Only employee who have a payslip for that period will be sent a payslip 
  6. As the emails are being sent the boxes in the Sent column will ticked. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen will give you some feedback on the progress
  7. Once all the payslips are sent the notification in the bottom right will read Email processing completed successful. X email send. The data in the Last Send columns will also have updated.
  8. Click on Close 
    NOTE: If you would like to check that the payslips have been send you can read: Checking emails are sent

The most common reason for failure is that report for the period does not exist. If on completion of the process there are employees that don't display a tick in the Sent column, note the employees and check that they have a report using the Preview option in the Report Options.