Within ClockOn you have the ability to, on mass, email out your employee's payslips and rosters. In order to do you must first set up the Email Settings in ClockOn.

Please follow the steps below to do this:

  1. The email settings can be found under the Setup tab and then click on System Setup.
    NOTE: Please ensure that all other windows are closed before opening up the system setup or you will get an error message
  2. Once in the System Setup screen click on the Other tab to get to the Email Settings
  3. On tab you will need to enter:
    1. Send From: The Email address that the Emails are sent from.

    2. Reply Email: The Reply address contained in the email body.

    3. SMTP Server: This can be entered as either the IP address or DNS name of the mail server. An example of a DNS name for Telstra's mail server is mail.bigpond.com This is the mail server that requests are sent to.

    4. SMTP Port: This is the port number that ClockOn will use to communicate with the nominated SMTP Server. The default standard port is 25, but can be changed if required.

    5. SSL/TLS Support: This defines the encryption mode that is to be used.

    6. Delay: This is used to slow down the send of emails so that there is a delay between each email sent.  The reason for this is that some servers detect emails as spam if they are received in bulk.

    7. User Name: When connecting to an SMTP server it is sometimes required to enter credentials to allow that connection. If this is the case, enter the User name. the user name allows access to the server.

    8. Password: If required, enter the password of the User name that is making the connection. Then confirm the password has been entered correctly.  The password if for access to the server.

      This Example shows the use of an Office 365 email account if you have your own server to handle email connection you will need to contact your IT support for these settings.
  4. Once all of the above email is filled out then click Save.

We have several specific guides for popular email providers. For access to these please see the links below.


To test that email setting are working please go to the Roster reports and email a roster to an employee who you can check to see if they have received the email. If they don't receive the email you can check the reason from the Jobs section in the message centre. For more information on how to do this please read: Checking emails are Sent