Please note that this is a modified version of the Suprema Installation Guide for the BioEntry W2. It has been modified to remove information not required for the use with ClockOn. This article has the following information relating to the installation of the Suprema BioEntry W2 scanner:
  1. Components
  2. Parts required for ClockOn
  3. Installation
  4. Product Specifications

Safety Instructions

Observe the Safety instructions (Click Here...) to use the product safely and prevent any risk of injury or property damage. 


NOTE: Components may vary according to the installation environment.

Parts Required for ClockOn

  • BioEntry W2
  • Wall bracket
  • PVC anchor (2 EA)
  • Fixing screw (2 EA)
  • Drilling Template

ClockOn also supplies a Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector to power the scanner. This is connected to the ethernet port in the back of the Unit, via an ethernet cable.

Required (not supplied by ClockOn): 2 x Cat-5e ethernet cables for connection from the scanner to the PoE and from the PoE to the switch.

NOTE: The Connection cable are for Door Control and is not supported by ClockOn. DO NOT install the suprema software


Fixing the Bracket and the Product

  1. Determine the correct position to install the bracket using the provided drilling template. Fix the bracket firmly using fixing screws through the bracket to the position where BioEntry W2 will be installed.

    NOTE: If installing BioEntry W2 on a concrete wall, drill holes, insert PVC anchors, and fix them with fixing screws.
  2. Assemble the cable cover and install BioEntry W2 onto the fixed bracket.
  3. Connect BioEntry W2 to the bracket by rotating the product fixing screw of BioEntry W2.

Network Connection


LAN connection (connecting to a Switch or Router)

You can connect the product to a switch or router using a general type CAT-5 cable. You will require an Ethernet cable of sufficient length to connect the scanner to the provided PoE injector that will power the scanner and connect the device to your computer network.

The “Lan In” Side of the PoE injector should be connected to ether your switch or router.

Connection to ClockOn

Once installed and powered on, the Led Lamp on the front of the scanner should flash Blue/light blue this will indicate that the device is on your computer network.

You can then search for the unit using the Search function in the Terminal manager screen.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Terminal Manager
  2. Click Add to add a new scanner to the ClockOn system.
  3. Select the Location the terminal is being added to.
  4. Select the department(s) using this terminal. Default is 'all'
  5. If required to, updated the Name. The default for the name will be the terminal model name.  This can be replaced with a customised name. e.g. Lunchroom scanner
  6. Select the device Model from the drop down list
  7. Click on Scan Network - Please make sure the computer you are setting up the scanner on is on the same network
  8. Select the scanner from the On Network list.
  9. Click on Save

NOTE: that if your ClockOn server is not located onsite or if you are a Cloud or Managed Payroll Services customer your site will require a static IP address from your internet provider and port forwarding to connect though to the scanner on TCP port 51211

It is recommend that the unit be given a reserved DHCP address to prevent IP conflicts

For more information read: Adding a Biometric Scanner

Product Specifications