The Integration option in ClockOn allow the user to add connection details for connecting to MYOB AccountRight Live. This connection lets you use the Integration Wizard to send your Journal filed direct to MYOB AccountRight Live. 

Before you can send any journal information to MYOB you need to ensure that the account fields under each department for your locations. (For more information see: Location Manager - Departments)

Configuring MYOB Connection Details

  1. Navigate to the Setup tab > Locations
  2. Double click on the Location that you want to set up the connection for
  3. Click on the Integration tab
  4. Open up the Connection list window to add a new connection by clicking on the ellipsis button (...)
  5. Click on the Add button to add a new connections
  6. Enter the connection name.
    TIP: It is recommended to add the MYOB Company name that your authenticating for.
  7. Select the integration type MYOB AccountRight Live
  8. Click on the Authenticate button
  9. The MYOB Login window will open and prompt you to login to ensure the details are valid and create a token for the user, so that the system can login again in the background in a secured manner.
    1. Enter your MYOB login details and click on Sign in
  10.  MYOB will then ask you to Allow access so ClockOn can submit the Journals to your MYOB AccountRight package. Click on Allow access.
  11. Once Authenticated you will be taken back to the Connection Details where will need to then add the MYOB company login details
    1. Click on Load to generate the list of Companies in your MYOB 
    2. Select the Company, from the drop down, that you want to link to the ClockOn location
    3. Enter the Username and Password for the MYOB Company
    4. Click on the Validate button to validate the details
  12. Click on Save.
  13. The newly added connection will be in the connection list. Click on Close
    TIP: If you have multiple locations that have there own individual MYOB accounts (not MYOB company files) click on Add again and follow steps 6 - 12 for each location.
  14. You will be taken back to the Integration tab If you have added multiple MYOB company connections please ensure that you have selected the correct MOYB Connection for the location you are in.
  15. You can then Close out of the Location manager window. 

Multiple Locations in ClockOn

If you have multiple location in ClockOn that you want to send journal files to MYOB then you will need to go to each of the location and select the MYOB connection that is for that location. Then link it to the MYOB company file as in the above step 13

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