This article will help you setup the ClockOn Go email invitation system to help employee adoption of the ClockOn GO app. Making it faster and easier to connect the app to your companies ClockOn.

Required Information to Setup ClockOn GO Invitations 

  1. Email settings required to be set up in your system setup (For more information see: Configuring Email Settings for Payslips and Rosters).
  2. Database settings are required to send the emails out. These settings are the servers host address (either IP address or DNS address) as well as the port. These are the settings for the ClockOn GO server where it is installed.
    If you do not know this information please log a support ticket with ClockOn Support

Adding the Server Setting

  1. Navigate to Setup > ClockOn GO Invitations
  2. Click on the Server Settings icon
  3. Enter your Server Settings for the ClockOn Go Server. The Host Address (either IP address or DNS address) and the Port Number (typically 9000). The database name will be already added
  4. Click on Save to return back to the invitation manager.

For Sending Invitations see: Email ClockOn GO Invitations