When sending an invitation to an employee you will need to first check the following:

  1. They need to install the ClockOn GO app on their phone. (See: Installing ClockOn GO)
  2. When the email is received they then need to click on the link from their email on the phone (on a computer the link won't do anything.)

Sending Invitations

  1. Navigate to Setup > ClockOn GO Invitations
  2. Select the employee/s to send invitations to. Use the Select All button to select/deselect all of the employees in the list below
  3. Click on Send to email out the invitation emails.
    NOTE: Once you click on send the sent boxes will be ticked as they are sent to the email scheduler. (For more information see: Checking emails are sent)

NOTE: You can resend invitation even if the employee has an Invited tick

Filtering the Employee Invitation List

  • Using the Location and Department filter you can change who you see in the invitation list below
  • Also to view employees that have been emailed invitations in the past you can filter them by clicking on Filter Invited 
    NOTE: You can keep sending invitations, it wont effect their setup if they open and click it again.