In addition to your regular STP submissions, you will also need to declare your final figures to the ATO for the end of year. 

This process will enable your employee's access to their PAYG information through their MyGov accounts.

Important Note: Prior to running this process we strongly recommend following the Processing EOFY through ClockOn article in order to prepare and reconcile your information for the period.

This article contains the following

  1. A Quick View of The EOFY Process
  2. A Detailed Guide on the Submission Steps
  3. Generating Employee EOFY Reports

A Quick View of The EOFY Process

 To submit your EOFY through STP open the STP Wizard and use the procedure as shown below.

A Detailed Guide on the Submission Steps

For written instructions on this process, please see below. 

  1. Open the STP wizard.
  2. Select the Employee Update option and observe the settings below;
    • ABN
      You will need to submit each individual ABN separately, please select the one that you wish to report for here.

    • Year Ending
      You will need to specify which year you intend to finalize here.
      Please be aware that this will default to the current financial year and may need to be changed.

    • Final Payroll Indicator
      This checkbox is used to advise the ATO that you intend on finalizing the selected employees for the selected financial year, if this is unchecked all that will occur is your employee YTD amounts will be updated as per their current balances and they will remain active.

      When ready click Next to continue.

  3. If the Final Payroll Indicator has been ticked you should see the following prompt

    Click Yes to continue with the STP submission.

  4. The next screen will show the listing of employees that the submission will include, You will need to check this listing and exclude any that are not valid for the current STP submission. and then click Next to continue.

  5. The system will then run its process to gather the employee's YTD balances and report to you if it finds any issues.
    If an issue is identified then it will be shown on the screen and you can double click on it and the system will take you to the cause and allow you to correct it.

    Once all issues have been resolved click Next to continue.

  6. The Submission screen will then show where you declare that the information that you are submitting is correct and valid. To proceed click the Submit button to proceed. and indicate Yes to the confirmation box that will appear on the screen.

  7. If this has been processed successfully you will see a Submission Complete screen.

  8. Click Finish and you have successfully lodged your STP information for the financial year.

As an additional step after submitting an STP item, you should check your Single Touch Payroll Messages in the Message Center to confirm that your STP submissions have been processed successfully. Please be aware that the response process for this is with the ATO and their processing times can vary from anywhere between 2 hours to 2-3 days.

Generating Employee EOFY Reports

Employees can retrieve their submitted records from the ATO at any time via their MyGov accounts, however, if you and your employee prefer you can generate reports from ClockOn with the relevant detail.

This can be done from the final step on the STP screen using the Print button. From there you have the option to produce individual employee STP reports. These can either be printed or email blasted to the employees directly.

Alternatively, these can be printed outside of the STP screen from the Reports Manager, under the Payroll Report (PAYG) heading.