Geo-fencing can be setup as a default address and perimeter via the Location Manager or you can set a specific location on a single timesheet or disable it. 

Setting up a Geo-fence for a specific shift

NOTE: If a time sheet already has actual times recorded against it you will not be able to edit the geo-fencing information. 
  1. Open up the Timesheets window
  2. Create a new timesheet or double click on an exiting timesheet to edit the information
  3. In the timesheets, window click on the Map icon
  4. This will open up the Map with the default address and perimeter already set. From here you can:
    1. Click on the Clear button to remove the geo-fencing for this shift
    2. Edit the Address and Max Distance radius
  5. Once changes click on Ok to save
  6. Now that this timesheets geo-fence has been setup, depending on the employees security role, the employee can now clock on and off at a different location to the main site location. 

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