To ensure that you are running the latest version of ClockOn you may need to run a manual update to the database installed locally on your computer. You are required to run your own update ClockOn if the ClockOn Server is installed on your system. 

NOTE: The update manager is defaulted to run an update check every night at 3:00 am if the computer is turned on, connected to the internet and the update service is running (this is running by default)

If you have the cloud-hosted version of ClockOn then your database will be automatically updated the next day after you receive the ClockOn product update.

You can check your current ClockOn build using the following guide, Confirming your ClockOn Version and Build

Running a Manual Update

The ClockOn update utility runs outside of the ClockOn desktop client.

  1. Ensure that you are on the correct computer that is running the ClockOn Server.

  2. Navigate to the update service location path “C:\Program Files (x86)\ClockOn Services\Update Service”. for 64 bit computers and “C:\Program Files\ClockOn Services\Update Service” for 32 bit

  3. Open up the following file ClockOnUpdateUtility.exe 
    TIP: Before opening utility right-click on it and select send to > desktop (shortcut) to create an icon on your desktop for easy access next time.

  4. In the ClockOn update Service Utility click on the Advanced tab

  5. Then click on the Check now button.

  6. This will begin the update check and take to you to the Log tab

  7. Click on the Show Details button to look at the progress of the update. This can take 5 - 10 mins for a full update.

  8. Once the update is completed the details box will show Update Completed.

  9. Click on the in the top right to exit out of the update.

  10. To finish the update double click on your ClockOn Icon and the ClockOn splash screen will flash with a status bar. When completed you will be prompted with the normal login screen.

Adjusting The Time For The Update

If 3 am daily is not convenient for the system to do its update for your business, you can adjust this by using the options available on the Advanced tab.

Simply change either the time and/or days of the week that you would like the system to check.

Please note that you will not be able to use ClockOn while it is in the middle of an update as it will need exclusive access rights to the database.


In some instances, customers have reported that when they have opened the "ClockOn Update Service Utility" they have noted that all the options are disabled. If this is the case then to correct this you will need to restart the ClockOn Update Service.

To do this follow the directions below (Windows 10)

  1. Close the Update utility.

  2. Open the task schedular by right-clicking on the windows clock on the lower right of the windows desktop

  3. From the Windows Task Manager End the ClockOnUpdateService.exe task.

  4. The Update service will restart on its own within a short period, once this has restarted re-open the update utility and process the update.