When validating your timesheets in preparation for timesheet approval or Payroll you will need to adjust any timesheet that has a warning (Purple timesheets). How you adjust the timesheets will depend on your Rule Set Configuration - Pay and Timesheet Rounding


One of the most common ways you might need to adjust a timesheet is by editing the shift times to match the actual times. to do this please follow the steps below:

  1. To select the purple timesheet in question with a single click and you will be presented with information as to the cause of the issue in the lower left of the screen. (In this case the issue is that the employee clocked off too early as the shift was expected to be finished at 17:30 however the actual time ending was 12:00.)
  2. To adjust this and make the timesheet valid, double click on the timesheet to open it and then click the shift ... button as shown below.
  3. This will then open the shift details and you can then adjust the shift start and end time as needed.
  4. Once this has been done and the timesheet has been saved, the timesheet message will show as "Timesheet is valid" and the timesheet's text colour is now black and can be processed.